Break the chain is a service devoted to helping the community, through support and improvement of mental, physical and spiritual health. 

Our aim is to help people to discover and understand knowledge surrounding: personal development, radical self-responsibility, connection and consciousness. 

Allow them to fearlessly live a life of adventure and integrity, that is full of balance, connection and love. 

We hope that we can assist in healing and empowering people, so that they can again find life’s highest form of success……..Joy

This blog documents my own life events as I battle my demons and endeavour on a quest of self-improvement. I share all of the lessons that I have learnt and things that help me to “keep on trucking”.

We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.

Let’s break the chain together!



How far are you willing to go to chase a high when the sky is the limit?

In 2014 I left my normal life in Lithuania to follow my heart. It lead me to Austria to snowboard and to see the mountains. My aim was to find a job that could pay for food and accommodation so that I could spend all day living the dream. This is where I met James …

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